Mulberry Lane Cafe – Melbourne


We love recommendations from our followers! Word of mouth is the best way to go when exploring local eats, and thanks to our followers we have a huge list of places to try. When we heard about Mulberry Lane Cafe, we bumped that one right to the top of our list because BREAKFAST foods are our love language.

The eggs Benedict special that day was served on a potato pancake and bratwurst with melted cheddar cheese, topped with hollandaise. Absolutely DIVINE. This place specializes in Benedict dishes and we want to try them ALL!


Another stand-out about Mulberry Lane is how they serve their muffins. We got the blueberry coffee cake muffin and they brought it out sliced vertically, and GRILLED to make it crispy and warm! Genius.

IMG_2208Their cinnamon rolls — an obvious winner. Also served perfectly warm.


Everything’s always changing with new specials!

IMG_2170It’s clear these folks love what they do and care about providing quality, memorable dishes. A delightful spot in Melbourne for your next breakfast or brunch!

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