Cedar’s Cafe – Melbourne

Since we’ve begun eating out more regularly around here, we generally steer clear of ordering salads. For obvious reasons.

When trying a new a restaurant, we always ask for their best+most special+most popular dish. And (unfortunately for our waistlines), salads don’t usually make that list. Except at Cedar’s Cafe, an intimate, upscale Mediterranean spot in Melbourne.

331D60FD-00D1-462A-8DDE-7DC8C2429598Something cool about Cedar’s is how often they’re switching up the menu. This summer they’re featuring a slew of fresh, light salads that are all bursting with Mediterranean flavor. Our favorite was the Eggplant Stack, probably because we forgot we were eating a “salad” with this one ..

56568749-CE6E-4784-8CEB-507CAFDB6721We also rave about these cheese rolls. Feta and garlic in a fried wanton. Think Mediterranean-style egg roll.

E14AD9C1-1F57-4439-B212-A0FAD9949D12The crowning moment for us was when they brought out the Into the Woods burger. It was so unique and beautiful!


 A blended lamb bison + mushroom burger with “toasted almond oats mushroom-white chocolate blackberry granola” + red onion + arugula + blue cheese. Hard to beat the originality here!

28F79014-B943-4473-BD7F-55D085B6C671.jpegBrought along the lovely Jessica Gibson to share in the deliciousness and help photograph with her fancy lens. You’d be surprised at how much cold food we eat in the name of getting just the right shot!

Located in a Melbourne strip mall, this place is unexpectedly luxuriously cozy. Dim lighting, fantasticly thought-out dishes, and friendly staff. We loved getting to talk with the chef here. She has such a passion for creating fresh, original, innovative dishes, and she’s on a mission to put Brevard on the “foodie” map here in Florida. A mission we can definitely get behind. Stop by Cedar’s and tell them we sent you!

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