El Ambia Cubano – Melbourne

So we have some friends who go to this place literally several times a month and kept harassing us to try it out. Maybe it’s because we’ve never really had good Cuban food before, but we went in a little hesitant. Then this baby arrived:


The Frozen Mint Lemonade was unlike anything we’ve had before. It was a lemonade slushy but tasted … herby? And sweet. And that real herby mint taste made it ridiculously refreshing. Worth every penny on that one.

The highlight dish for us was definitely the Style Roasted Pork.


We found the best way to attack this dish was to mix all the individual sides together. The combo of the (fall off your fork soft!) pork, fried plantains, beans & rice made for a super good flavor combo. Although it’s hard not to just shovel that meat in your mouth all at once because it’s so dang good.

3BABF819-616F-4E40-B584-3BDD30DAAA5AThe atmosphere won us over, too! Although we generally aren’t too picky about that. The outdoor porch seating had tons of fun Cuban-inspired knick-knacks to look at (which the kids especially loved). And the service was great too. We really appreciated the sense of humor on the menu:

6A3CDEF2-CEF6-4267-956E-26F4FBB49557Overall we have nothing but good to say about this spot tucked away off of Melbourne’s historic Main Street. Thanks Chris & Tressa for making us take the plunge into Cuban!

  1. Leigh Ann Johnson

    September 24th, 2018 at 11:24 pm

    This is by far our favorite date night spot! Their prices are so cheap that we can usually order multiple appetizers. The owner has incredible life stories! If you go back ask to meet Alfredo.

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