Over the Top Sammies-Palm Bay

For a foodie, there’s nothing better than stumbling upon on an unexpected, mom & pop joint that exceeds all your expectations.


That’s what Over the Top Sammies was for us. Located in a small strip mall off Palm Bay Rd, we weren’t sure what to expect of this place. The atmosphere felt very small-town with a humble interior and friendly staff and owners.


But then we saw the Hot Sauce shrine and our interest was piqued.

See the trophy and ribbons? The owners of this place, Chris & Jenny Porro, also have “Tropical Spices” LLC where they’ve won WORLD-level awards for these sauces. The two we sampled (Fire Ant and Black Magic) were incredible. They have dozens of unique sauces and incorporate them in each of their menu items. So know that whatever sandwich you order will be BURSTING with flavor.


We got the Pig with Seoul (left) and the Triple Peak. Both are big and messy and we wouldn’t have it any other way. We took bites of each other’s and couldn’t decide which one was better!


Owners Chris and Jenny have this sandwich thing figured out, and their passion for flavor really comes through in their menu. We love supporting small, family owned businesses like this on the Space Coast and we are so glad we stumbled upon this hidden gem!



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