Pizza Gallery & Grill – Viera

Our experience here was great. Big menu (almost overwhelming!) full of intriguing dishes and very kid-friendly. Also, free garlic knots for first-timers!


They were dangerously good! We had a hard time deciding what to order because, again, sooo many choices. Had we not just had pizza the day before we probably would’ve gone with that. But to switch it up we got a really interesting appetizer (which we treated as a meal). The chicken and waffle flatbread! See menu for full description below.

This baby was delicious! Definitely a splurge from a diet perspective, but a fun indulgence nonetheless!

We’d highly recommend the Gallery Gatsby, too! Those sweet potato fries take this sandwich to the next level.


Cute kids play area! The whole restaurant is a mini-art gallery. All their pieces on the wall are for sale. They also have a giant fish tank that our kids loved. As a whole we’d totally recommend this place to a friend looking for a creative and family-friendly American restaurant experience! It feels “out-of-the-box” and there’s definitely something for everybody there.


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