Too Cool Cafe – Indian Harbor Beach

Safe to say this place won our hearts. Too Cool Cafe is a cozy, intimate space that cooks some seriously great comfort food. Bonus that we went here when it was raining outside because some foods just taste better on a rainy day, ya know?

92B694BF-DB27-4FB4-B8A1-D9E436B0C3C8.jpegThe Lobster Grilled Cheese was the stand-out dish to us because we’ve never had anything quite like it. Dipped in that fresh, creamy tomato bisque and it’s off-the-charts DIVINE.

25BE145E-1C7A-486E-8388-07DDA38188AAThe Salmon Rockefeller isn’t to be forgotten though. There were some great flavors going on with this one, largely because of the crispy peppered bacon on top. A fantastic flavor combo, and the mashed potatoes on the side were heaven. We were left completely satisfied with both our dishes but THEN out came the bread pudding…

F0591DE9-4485-4D26-A0CD-5296B20C4BCD.jpegDo yourself a favor and don’t skip this one, even if you’re not a bread pudding fan. This is their special here, made with Croissant bread and a warm caramel glaze. You can’t not like it, especially served with ice cream.

3DE405A4-E6FD-4542-9C89-382DF562849B.jpegThe menu. After scoping out the plates of diners around us (anyone else do a creepy side-eye of the tables next to you while waiting for your food?) we’re convinced there’s nothing here that’s not good.

0CED13F6-BDB9-4B47-9745-74430EED237FThey do brunch too! We’ve heard especially good things about their crepes.

The service here was awesome. They give sunglasses to the kids and you can draw on the table. Super family (and pet!) friendly. Honestly feels like you’re eating dinner at your quirky-but-cool uncle’s house who happens to be an amazing chef.  We’re SO glad to have this place here on the Space Coast and would recommend it to anyone!


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