Happy Healthy Human – Indian Harbor Beach

If you take a look at our Instagram feed, you may assume we live on gourmet burgers and donuts. Truth be told, we typically eat out 1-3 times per week, and YES we enjoy ourselves and order the good stuff. But the rest of our meals are eaten at home where we *try* to be pretty healthy. So when we got a recommendation for Happy Healthy Human, we were totally up for a vegan, whole-foods style cafe.

05DEBE92-5874-48A8-9C32-0B670AF192B5.jpegIt’s a small, cozy cafe+market that totally embraces the granola/hippie lifestyle. We like it when a restaurant goes all-in with their theme and you can feel totally immersed in the experience.

27863BBD-12A3-4DBA-9DEC-8AD9F3D12631We got the Human Sandwich, the Collard Burrito and the orange-carrot Sunshine juice. The food was so fresh and vibrant it was almost too pretty to eat…


So good! Not just run-of-the-mill vegetable dishes. Creative, unique and beautifully put together. Even the Kale chips were too good to just eat one. And the height of this sandwich was perhaps the most impressive part:

854AFDCF-BA1B-42C3-ACB3-5D9CDB3F15E2.jpegWe heard their Açaí bowls are amazing too…Totally wish we would’ve known about this place back when we did the Whole 30!

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