Ichabod’s Dockside-Melbourne

There’s something about dockside dining that makes you feel like you’re on vacation, right? We loved the location of this seafood+bar joint in Melbourne. Our 3 year old especially loved watching the sailboats come in and out of the harbor, and it was the coziest thing ever to watch a storm roll in while we ate.

The menu is mostly seafood; Tyler ordered the Bourbon-Terryaki Salmon and gave it a thumbs up.

What really stole our hearts though was the special that night. Our sweet waitress recommended the filet atop butternut squash, sweet potatoes and cream sauce. It WOWed us. Such a satisfying cut of meat with warm, homey flavors.

AB240F26-C306-408C-B029-E8F87D4DAD5B.jpegThe chef here really goes all-out with the nightly specials (both in taste AND presentation).  We would totally recommend checking this cute dockside bar & grill out if you’re a seafood (or steak!) lover.

  1. Jan

    June 19th, 2018 at 4:27 pm

    The sweet server sounds like Shannon

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