The Brix Project/Playalinda Brewing Company – Titusville

After months of crushing on @playalindabrewco and @brixproject on Instagram, we finally made the trip up to Titusville to check them out. We usually don’t drive more than 30 minutes to a restaurant, but we were getting some seriously good foodie vibes from their social media and we could not stay away. Was it worth it? Read on and you decide..

First stop was the Playalinda Brewing Co’s Downtown Titusville “Hardware Store” location. Super cool, classic bar vibes and great buffalo chicken dip appetizer. We’re not alcohol drinkers ourselves so we tried the house-brewed root beer. 2 big thumbs up for that tasty combo.


Then we drove about 5 miles down the road to the Brix Project for our main dishes. This place had a hip interior and the menu was a foodie dream…

We got the Pork Belly, the Sukiyaki DJango Burger, and a Peach Cobbler Creme Brûlée.

Honestly, picking favorites between those is like picking favorites between our children…We loved them SO much and each has a special place in our hearts.

Only sort of kidding!

Here’s the rundown:

FD2EBA5D-21D9-4465-95CC-C36C305DAD7D.jpegSHE ordered: the Pork Belly. An unexpected choice, but our waitress insisted! She was right.

Chipotle- rubbed with marmalade glaze, served with creamy bacon brussel sprouts. If this sounds like an odd but intriguing combo to you, don’t question it just ORDER it. It’s a wonderful food experience.

0E306DDB-2A6D-4509-859A-EBE08074B8AEHE ordered: The Sukiyaki DJango Burger. We couldn’t pronounce it either, but who cares because LOOK at what’s in this beast :

2CF63DDC-DCD4-40DD-893D-174682BBB171.jpegMind blowing. The taste was so unique and gourmet! What’s special about this burger is that it’s in a national contest right now: the James Beard Blended Burger Project. There are 3 other local burgers also in this contest (one of which we’ve tried at Cedar’s—also so good!) and you can vote for your favorite here!

62D1AE65-5567-4E73-AAED-9DCC9F47A8A3.jpegAnd the dessert blew us away! Peach Cobbler Creme Brûlée. A seriously worth-it indulgence. As we were leaving we saw their dessert specials posted too: Donut pudding & Oatmeal Raisin Ice Cream Sandwich. If we weren’t about to give birth to food babies after that meal we totally would’ve tried both!

We LOVED the creativity and quality we found here at these Playalinda spots. A date night we’ll always remember!

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