That Cozy Restaurant- Melbourne

For all the Panera Bread lovers: there’s a new cozy cafe in town with a menu taking it up a notch with its take on traditional comfort food:

That Cozy Restaurant is brand new, located in the Suntree area. And it’s interior is on point with the homey+cozy theme :

We adored our “Play Me A Tuna” appetizer & “Crazy Caprese” flatbread appetizers. Both very fresh and light :

For main entrees we tried the “Keep It Shrimple” (Someone had fun naming these dishes, right?) and the “Avocadon’t Do It” Burger


The Avocado Burger was a clear favorite for us between the two! SO loaded-up and juicy.

We also got to try the Sunday Brunch pastry basket which was Summer’s personal fav! Nothing disappoints like a dry pastry, but everything here was moist and bursting with flavors like orange and blueberry. And that basket in the middle? PIE CRUST FRIES! Dipped in that apple butter, it was a lovely, unexpected treat. EA852F76-8309-4FF5-8870-655092364DEB

By this point we were stuffed to the point of hating ourselves, but why say no to Oreo chocolate mousse with ice cream? This one was Tyler’s favorite. Hard to go wrong with this combo. D487DA7E-9531-417A-84E1-641BB8852C47As a whole we had a great experience at That Cozy Restaurant. Their menu is traditional enough for more conservative eaters too, so this would be a great spot for larger groups with big age differences. Their menu has something for everyone!




Big thanks to That Cozy Reataurant for providing us delicious food, friendly service, kid-friendly (Emmy Kate came with us on this one) and a COZY atmosphere!

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