The Bearded Chef – Food Truck

Something about a good food truck that makes you feel all hipster + indie. As small and local as it gets, which we LOVE!

We tracked down the Bearded Chef himself at the Dirty Oar in Cocoa this weekend for a quick dinner with the kids. We heard he likes to get creative and play with his menu, so we knew we’d get something special here.



We loved that their menu changes frequently and it’s full of creative dishes. A good twist on classic American dishes like wings, burgers, fries…


6B0F8F7C-6F39-427A-92D8-D4E8B29848C1.jpegThe goods. We had to get the Thai-My-Shroom burger because it’s got a top spot in the James Beard blended burger competition right now (nation wide! Vote here.) Also got the Major General wings with Nashville hot sauce (I’m from Nashville so I had to!), and the pico loaded fries.

C286CFE8-C933-42C4-AB3F-5030EFBD3E1F.jpegA24CEC75-768B-47CF-A03E-64C714B2B895.jpeg1B21CA85-B0CF-4F59-A0A0-4BD53477625A.jpegWe absolutely DEVOURED everything. Fresh flavors, cooked with heart! It was easy to go crazy on the fries, especially.

Have we convinced you to try this one out yet? This awesome food truck goes all over the Space Coast and does private events as well. Follow @thebeardedchefeats on Insta or Facebook to see their schedule!


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