Trend Kitchen – Indian Harbour Beach

Sometimes it’s a little intimidating stepping into a fancy gourmet French restaurant. At least for folks like us who don’t “fine dine” on the regular.

But that’s not to say that we don’t love to indulge in being waited on with impressively prepared delicacies. It’s such an escape from our normal lives of work, chores, and craziness with the kids. So we gladly welcomed the opportunity to visit Trend Kitchen in Indian Harbor Beach. And by the end of the evening we were so glad we got a sitter and made time to get spoiled by their staff.

This place is intimate & romantically lit with a sleek+modern interior. Our waitress Amber was very kind and professional. She knew the menu so well and was able to give us great recommendations, which we rely on a ton when we’re unfamiliar with a menu.

We knew it was gunna be legit when she brought out our starter plate of tiny, delicious delicacies. Look how gorgeous:

F4F2A84A-A993-4862-9F1D-07272CE4EF3F.jpegWhile we were here we got to meet the owners – a sweet French couple who took over this place almost exactly a year ago. Isabelle handles a lot of the work with guests in the front while her husband is the chef in the back cooking things up fresh. There’s so much heart that goes into these dishes when it’s “ma and pa” style, which we love!

FDB02E95-312A-4600-99AA-C38FA322FCBE.jpegLet’s get down to business now – The Trend Signature Black Truffle Mac n Cheese was tough to beat. Our waitress told us this dish was a “game changer” and we have to agree. Such a deep, rich flavor and creamy texture. White cheddar, wild mushrooms, Tennessee country ham…This is a must when you go!

12D4FE73-671B-480C-B532-B2A60B4F0FE7The Olive Oil Braised Spanish Octopus was Tyler’s favorite dish of the night. Can’t say we’ve had a lot of good, hearty cuts of octopus in our lives, so this was something new and exciting for us. Awesome flavors going on here with the strawberries and chimmichurri aioli.

8B9FF1A2-0F23-4E0A-8AD8-A1FB497A2955By the time our main entree came out it was pretty dark, so lighting worked against us here in capturing its majesty. But this “Duck Leg Confit” was a super comforting, flavorful dish. Duck was new for us as well so we didn’t know what to expect, but were very pleased!

30BD87B4-FDDD-4425-9FF6-18C286C62CB7.jpegThe crowning moment is always when dessert arrives! The Trend Signiture Chocolate Peanut Butter Bar blew us away! Served with toasted marshmallow fluff, caramel gelato, caramelized bananas…what’s not to like? On the menu it was described as “deconstructed pieces of a candy bar”, which we can always get behind.

By the end of the evening we felt truly spoiled and satisfied with all we had the privilege of trying.

This spot is great for romantic dates and special occasions. You really feel like you’ve had an eating experience by the end! Big thank you to Trend Kitchen for providing us with a fantastic meal we won’t soon forget!

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