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It’s no secret that we aren’t Vegan — take a quick look at our Instagram feed and you’ll know we love us some meat. BUT we also love bright, colorful, flavorful food. And after taking one look at some photos of creations from Eatqual, we knew we had to try it!

We met up with this Vegan food truck at the Melbourne Farmers Market and a line immediately formed for this place right upon opening. It’s clear to see they’ve amassed a loyal following, and they usually sell out before the end of the farmers market.

FDD0E2FE-5855-425D-B7AD-7C834A0CCDA2.jpegWe loved the ‘street food’ vibe of their menu! We got to try the “loaded nachos” and the “taco trio”…

3ACAC2BA-4B19-40E6-8E22-F03883B40B35.jpegOur favorite between those two were the Nachos! The house-made buffalo cheez sauce was the game changer…so many delicious flavors and textures in one little dish!

58BB5227-945C-45A8-9FD3-EADAA8332529.jpegThe taco trio was a fun one too. Not many places around the space coast are doing fresh, creative, street-style tacos so we were happy to see this on the menu. All very different flavors between the 3–see above photo for the description for each one! Our fav was the “RawNo Taco” in the middle. Also—can you spy the pieces of pink pineapple?? They were so good! They got the color from being marinated with beets.

998C8FBA-AA5D-46C9-A027-800FC2D7D8F6.jpegEatqual is a super cool find for us because they are doing something so DIFFERENT from other local restaurants. Also, we just love the quaintness of eating from a food truck at a market. And with its fresh, creative menu – we can see how this place would be the absolute  jackpot for those on a Vegan diet.

Find out where Eatqual will be parked next on Facebook!

4 thoughts on “Eatqual- Food Truck

  1. Leslie Robinson August 23, 2018 — 3:20 pm

    I’m one of the proud Mama’s of these girls and love them both to death! I’m not a vegan either, being born and raised in Georgia, but I LOVE everything they make!! There just are no words to explain how proud I am of them… Thank you so much for your article- I know it will most certainly help get the word out for more people to go on out and meet them and try out their delicious food!!

    1. Wow you must be SO proud ! They are doing great

  2. Looks great! Very colorful, and fresh!

  3. I’m the proud Aunt of these two beautiful women and I could not be prouder of their accomplishments, they are truly commpasinate about what they do bringing the best Vegan food around to their customers. Whether your vegan or not I highly recommend you give Eatqual a try, you won’t be disappointed.

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