Juice n’ Java Cafe – Cocoa Beach

Ironically, I found myself alone at a restaurant on my wedding anniversary. And I wasn’t mad about it one bit. Because Tyler was giving me the best anniversary gift of all: kid-free time at a restaurant to experience the food in a slow-paced, relaxing environment and get some great photos while I was at it. Game changer!

It was a rainy Saturday, late- morning in a delightful coffee shop in the hub of Cocoa Beach. And although we aren’t coffee drinkers, we were drawn to the food we’d seen from this place on social media.

This cozy cafe offers a big menu – there’s coffees+teas+smoothies+breakfasts+lunches+desserts…you get the idea. I chose the Banana Bread French Toast and the Grilled 5 Cheese…



WOW. Usually I have a clear preference between two entrees, but these were too different to compare. And both had me tempted to eat them all myself instead of saving enough to box up for Tyler to try…SO SO good!

The Banana Bread French Toast was incredibly moist and sweet…I could not get enough! It really didn’t even need the butter+syrup. It was one of those food experiences that makes you sad when it’s over.

F170CA2D-9CAD-482E-B106-7E9FE97129E3.jpegThen the 5 Cheese Grilled Cheese: Parmesan, Asiago, Romano, Cheddar & Mozzerella served with a roasted red pepper & gouda bisque. Out of control delicious.


The bisque was especially unique, with a slight smokey flavor. Dipping that cheesy goodness it it was the definition of comfort food.

Overall I couldn’t have left more satisfied! Everything tasted SO fresh and homemade. The atmosphere was warm and inviting, and I loved the patio seating. Juice N Java, it was a delight to meet you. You now have my heart.


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