Palm Shores Bistro

Why is breakfast the best meal ever? I’d say out of all the meals we eat, breakfast+brunch are the hardest to leave disappointed with.  This weekend we had an amazing meal at Palm Shores Bistro (in Palm Shores, just north of Melbourne). This is a little-known GEM of a place that stole our hearts.

Love their little outdoor patio with the string lights!

The first thing we saw upon entering were these giant cinnamon rolls the size of a human face. We didn’t try any but they certainly grabbed our attention when we walked in the door and it pumped us UP for some good food to come!

A44D17E5-F0ED-404B-A675-BC1957AC050A.jpegThe reason we chose this spot was because of a recommendation we got from an Instagram follower for their Captain Crunch French Toast. So our first order of business was trying that one out. Our waitress also told us it was her very favorite thing on the menu!

23A36565-7446-4425-A776-A7ED84162190.jpeg314FC79E-8ADF-448D-BB98-11BCC9821FC0.jpeg Needless to say, it was wonderful and we devoured it all. The Captain Crunch element was subtle…finely crushed and sprinkled (maybe dipped?) on the French toast. Served with plenty of berries and a bit of chocolate drizzle for a rich, sweet breakfast treat.

We had to order a savory breakfast item to balance out all the sweet, so we chose the Smokehouse:

CF869BC9-5CEB-48DF-AB39-BD9034B296A2.jpegEgg+gravy+bacon+BBQ pulled pork all on top of a grilled biscuit (hiding underneath!) with a side of hash browns. All things we know and love, but never had them served up together quite like this before.  Less “cutesy” than our French Toast, but equally as satisfying!! We usually leave a restaurant having a fairly clear favorite between our two entrees, but this left us with a toss-up. 5CA8608D-BF4E-4D8D-ACD4-ED419D738BE1.jpeg The menu here is fairly large and they serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You’re bound to find something you love here, and the prices are accessible. Very kid-friendly as well! The Palm Shores Bistro gets a 10/10 for us.

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