Pappagallos-Satellite Beach

Nothing better than that late Friday afternoon feeling when you’re on the cusp of the weekend. The possibilities are endless, am I right? Even though our weekends are actually usually full of fun stuff like cleaning out the garage, trips to Walmart and preparing Sunday School lessons, there’s still always that “Friday high” when the weekend begins. We almost always make it a point to try a new restaurant on a Friday to kick off our weekend right, and this last week we checked out Pappagallos in Satellite Beach.

We were immediately won over with their relaxed, family-friendly vibes and the back porch seating with an ocean view. Our waitress was the sweetest and we got to meet her brother, dad, AND grandma all working at the restaurant. They’ve had Pappagallos in the family since the 80s.

We got the Scimmia bread first. It’s a lovely “pull-apart” bread great for dipping- our kids really liked this one!

C1F754BD-EF54-43D9-B1CF-4602886218D6.jpegMore appetizers. The Caprese was so fresh and light to offset the buttery garlic goodness we had in the bread basket. It’s all about balance, right?

3BC985AA-1DC2-4C9F-8BF0-17FF9D05B97E.jpegThe fried cheese. Our favorite of the appetizers.

The stand-out dishes for us: the PASTAS. We tried the Chicken Vodka (left) Chicken Pastagallo (right). Both were sinfully good, but our hearts were stolen with the sauce on the Chicken Vodka. That’s your must-order right there.

6D72E27C-C3FC-4C2B-B11E-40A143C18AF2.jpegSuch a fun experience indulging at Pappagallos as a family! We may or may not have done a YouTube workout video that night to offset all the carbs we devoured!:) There’s something for everyone here, check it out in Satellite Beach!


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