Tequila Azul – Viera

Ah, Tequila Azul! One of those places that left us wondering HOW we hadn’t heard of it before now. It’s a large, bright yellow restaurant in the Avenues in Viera:


We had yet to find a traditional, sit-down Mexican restaurant that we adored before coming here. This is easily the best we’ve been to thus far.

It may have something to do with the fact that the owner, Ash, also owns the taco joint “Sergio’s”, charmingly located inside of a Mobile gas station (off Murrell & Viera). Been there and loved it. Even the ‘Authentic Mexican’ food-snobs from California around here approve. So if you’re a fan of Sergio’s, we think you’ll love Tequilla Azul too.

0BBB11DA-A176-4B0D-8990-810A205E9BE2.jpegThe large family-style tables, festive decor, and blue bubble tanks (pictured) made for an inviting & fun atmosphere. Also, when chips and salsa are provided immediately upon sitting down, you know things are off to a good start.

1515F5F3-9097-4212-A68E-FC3E87BEB5E1Here’s a peek at the menu:

D37D570C-AA44-4400-B1A4-89C098BBEE17.jpegE293F387-98F2-4F9F-9B31-127F494D8F87.jpegWe got started with the Ceviche (think pico de gallo except with tons of shrimp and lime juice)

1A1916EF-22F1-46F6-A16D-5331E97A33AE.jpegWe highly recommend this one- so fresh and bursting with flavor! We also couldn’t have been happier with the entrees we chose : the Carne Asada and the Chimichanga (not only delicious, but thoroughly fun to say).

CA46F772-F868-49BD-9944-067846883554.jpegC4E3C7AC-E49B-496D-AF29-452C1F895C69.jpegThe carne asada meat was so so good! It was served with tortillas, not pictured here. But it made for some tasty tacos.

Side note- Lots of Mexican restaurants tend to serve their rice+beans+guac on the “soupy” side, if that makes sense? But these were stacked high, held their shape and tasted great. It also made for a more photogenic plate, which we always appreciate!


Tyler ordered the chicken Chimichanga (which turned out to be my favorite!), and the photo doesn’t do it justice, but it’s a hefty piece of work. A fried flour tortilla absolutely stuffed with shredded chicken and the best cheese sauce!

7F2D0528-85F9-4EEA-A000-69BE80373641.jpegWe left with a bang and tried the churros- we had to!

08D2204F-60C2-40B4-A672-268F7FEBCD9F.jpegThese babies aren’t your concession stand or Disney World churros. Comes with chocolate and caramel drizzle!

AD47097C-E9CA-44A3-9306-F85D4CC32FE0.jpegThis spot was such a treat for our family! The experience, atmosphere and FOOD were great quality. Tequila Azul would be a great place for large group gatherings because of its roomy interior and their traditional menu; something here for every Mexican-food lover!


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