The Shack Seafood – Palm Bay

# 1 perk of coastal living : seafood. We’ve tried a handful of great seafood places around Brevad and this spot was probably the most old-school, traditional- style restaurant we’ve been to thus far. It sits RIGHT on the river and offers great patio seating with gorgeous views.

The interior is super cozy and full of rustic charm. Reminded us a little of Cracker Barrel but with more vintage Florida flair. Our son loved the seashell-filled tables.

C94EDF53-735A-40BA-97E4-4EC7AFCE9192.jpegWe chose the firecracker shrimp as our appetizer and loved it. Fried and bursting with flavor. Seriously addicting little dudes.

We were seated inside at first but asked to be moved to the patio because 1. Our toddler was being crazy 2. Outdoor lighting for great photos! 3. The view was stunning. It was nice to spread out on their large patio and let Hudson walk around while we enjoyed water-front views as we ate.

50E9377A-C052-4013-94C4-B8FC07BF23BE.jpegWe got two entrees, the Ahi Tuna BLT and the Cioppino

Our favorite was definitely the Cioppino! This dish was a seafood party with shrimp, lobster, mahi, scallops, mussels and clams. All in a warm, creamy tomato broth and served with some seriously amazing garlic bread. They even brought out a bib for me so I could really dig in and have fun with it…

This is a good spot for family dinners and those looking for traditional seafood+steak house-style eating. It’s been around forever (46 years!) so they know what they do and they do it well. Located right off US1 in Palm Bay. Tell us what you think when you go and tell them we sent you! Big thanks to The Shack for providing us a delicious seafood experience.

  1. ann

    August 4th, 2018 at 3:10 pm

    Gee, I go here every week and my food never looks like this. I go for the convince to my home. But wish mine was pretty like yours.

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