Matt’s Casbah – Melbourne

To be honest, we’d passed Matt’s Casbah ALL the time and didn’t even know what it was all about. We assumed it was just a bar or a nightclub, and since we don’t drink we assumed it wasn’t “our scene.”

But we did a little homework and their Instagram definitely showed some good looking food. Plus, restaurants in downtown Melbourne rarely disappoint. This place is located right on main street. So we went in, a little blindly, no real expectations, and brought our kids along (always risky).

The first thing that won us over was the large outdoor seating area (covered with fans + misters). We almost ALWAYS opt for outdoor dining because 1. better light for pictures and 2. we don’t have to spend our entire meal sshhhh’ing our kids.


The interior of this place is downright dreamy. Romantic twinkle lights and colorful drapes hang from the ceiling. One look inside though and I was again very grateful for the outdoor area so I didn’t have to dine with kids inside of this pristine area:


Here’s a peek at their menu. HUGE sushi selection, right? And those desserts tho…



We got started with the Blow Torch Beef (literally, our waiter came out with the blow torch and flamed it right in front of us!) The sweet soy glaze and wasabi mayo gave this such a good flavor!


We also tried the Flash Seared Calamari— this one packed a punch with its lime juice and chili sauce.


The salad was my (Summer’s) favorite! We rarely get salads when we’re scoping out new restaurants because we want to experience the most “special” or popular dish. But the “Warm Nutted Goat Cheese Salad” did not disappoint. The ginger-cilantro vinaigrette, greens, pita bread, and a huge cake of goat cheese in the middle was an awesome experience.


The Garnet & Gold sushi was next. Spicy tuna, krab topped with tuna, tempura flakes, sriracha, masago mayo, eel sauce…it all came together for a very colorful and satisfying sushi roll. Super fresh; bursting with flavor!



Our eyes almost popped out of our heads when we were served the “local favorite” Crispy Crunchy Whole Fish. This is one of the more unique+memorable dishes we’ve tried on the Space Coast. Photos don’t do this one justice; it’s over a foot long, topped with shrimp and served with their famous garlic+lime chili sauce. (I could eat this sauce by itself, by the way. Sooo good.)


And finally, dessert! Matt’s Casbah has a wonderful pastry chef named Keri who I want to hire to live with me so she can bake for me all day long. This chocolate caramel bar served with caramel popcorn and vanilla ice cream was BLISS.FUL.


After all was said and done, we just about needed to be rolled out of the restaurant. Everything we tried was flavorful, fresh, satisfying…insert all the positive adjectives that describe a good meal!


Another thing we think is great about Matt’s Casbah is that it works for a wide variety of groups and ages.  They were so awesome to accommodate to our family with young kids, but this place would also be perfect for date nights, girls nights, business dinners, large group dinners… everyone needs to check this place out! A huge thank you to Matt’s Casbah for treating us to a wonderful meal and memorable experience in downtown Melbourne!

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