Why We Brought Our Babies to a Bar

Walking into this place as a family made me feel a little like one of the characters on Sweet Home Alabama – remember the part where Reese Witherspoon sees one of her old friends from high school and says, “Look at you! You have a baby!… in a bar!”


Well we heard good things about The Salty Fox’s food scene in the Eau Gallie Arts District and wanted to check it out. It’s a laid-back, casual bar and luckily it’s got a large “kid approved” room in the back (complete with games and dominoes) where we hung out and tried some of their most popular dishes.


The cool thing about the Salty Fox menu is that everything is $8 or under. The food style here is simple: for example, one of starter dishes was “candied jalapenos” served with Ritz crackers and cream cheese. This was a great one for the kids (because crackers are their main food group) but also because the jalapenos soak in sugar water and are sweet instead of spicy!


We also tried the “cucumber boat” appetizer : shredded chicken, cashews and carrots floating in a cucumber, topped with ginger dressing, sriracha and ranch.  Super tasty little dudes.

Our favorite thing here was our main entree panini, the “JaBacon Me Crazy” – mango habanero jelly with chicken, bacon, onion, and pepper jack cheese., served with a side of tomato soup. Such a great panini with unique flavors.


The desserts were simple concepts but so fun! We tried an “edible cookie dough” dip with pretzels and graham crackers, and the “funky monkey bread” – cream cheese, peanut butter, honey, nutella, banana, and marshamllows all topped with vanilla ice cream.



This was a fun Friday out for us as a family. For it being primarily a bar, the Salty Fox was surprisingly kid-friendly. They gave us chalk for our toddler to draw on the floor with and the noisiness of our kids wasn’t a problem in their casual setting. The food is great- it’s a pretty low-frills menu and they incorporate a lot of “snack foods” like graham crackers,  pretzels, Ritz, etc. in their dishes, so our kids were eating off our plates like crazy; they were in heaven!

This spot is totally worth a visit for a cheap+casual night out in the EGAD!

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