Top 6 Budget-friendly Foodie Finds on the Space Coast

There’s something to be said for paying a little extra to get a fantastic foodie experience that will create fun memories. But along our journey this year of becoming “field experts” in the local eats on the Space Coast, we’ve definitely come to appreciate the budget-friendly spots we’ve encountered. And let’s be honest, low-cost, great eats are hard to find!

That’s why we’re sharing 6 of the best spots we’ve hit that provide great food at a cheap price (in no particular order):

The Salty Fox (Melbourne – Eau Gallie)


If you caught our write-up on this spot, you’ll know at first glance it may seem like an.. unconventional place to take a family out to eat. But believe it or not, the menu itself is super kid-friendly, and very low-cost. Everything on the menu is under $8! From gourmet-style paninis, to their eatable cookie dough dessert. Even this “funky monkey bread” dessert was only $5.50 :


Sergio’s (Titusville & Rockledge)


We were shockingly charmed by this little Mexican joint attached to a gas station in the Viera area. Their quesadillas and tacos are some of the most authentic we’ve had, and the low cost is just a bonus. The tacos were $2.75 a piece and the heartier stuff (meat quesadillas, tortas, burritos, etc.) average about $7.

La Preferida (Melbourne)

In the same vein as Sergio’s, this is another very authentic, food truck style Mexican spot. Lots of our followers from California (you know how they are about their Mexican food!) say this is the best they’ve found on the space coast. The atmosphere here is nothing fancy, but the cost can’t be beat. Their tacos are only $1.75, tamales are $2, and gorditas are $4.



Bravo Supermarket (Palm Bay)


Specifically the Cuban sandwich from their deli. Bravo Supermarkets are technically a chain, so we can’t speak for their delis across all locations, but the one in Palm Bay has a local reputation for a fantastic Cuban sandwich. The medium is huge, and it’s only $6. We could’ve split just one and been good.

Mustard’s Last Stand (Melbourne)

This quick-order Chicago-style dog stand has a giant menu. Specialty dogs and fries;  endless combinations and everything is very cheap. Most dogs are around $3-4. We especially loved their pesto fries.

image2 (1).jpeg

Pub Americana (Cocoa Village)

It’s the only one on the list that isn’t a short-order style, but for a sit-down restaurant, Pub Americana prices are very affordable for the quality and creativity of the dishes. This  pizza (the “starving artist”) is $10, easily shareable for two.


Their gourmet burgers sit around $9-$12; and these aren’t just your run-of-the-mill burgers. When we went, we got a camel burger, a first for us, and SO good! This place is a great option for those who want to enjoy a full-service restaurant without spending upwards of $20 a plate.IMG_1973

Pick one of these spots next time you want a great local spot on the cheap, and tell us what you think!

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