Robburritos – Melbourne Beach

This may go down as the restaurant with the most “personality” we’ve ever been to. There’s something eye-catching or odd (like the Barbie tree!) going on in every corner of this burrito joint!



C1ECB7CA-8C6E-4ED0-9A92-093D97CE8C02The sign on the front of their door told us a little bit about what we’d be getting :

21534DC0-6FDF-44A2-A4F0-92C2BB20F351.jpegHere’s a peek at their menu and sauces :

5FD3D8F7-7981-4833-8012-39A541BCE0A9182BE642-DB42-4E75-8CD5-35B399A5241BWe chose the “Fiesta” burrito with Orange sauce, and the “Monster” (it really was massive) with Creamy Chipotle sauce.

We also got to try the salsa & guac. The salsa tasted so fresh, but warning: it’s hot! The guac was great, with very chunky pieces of avocado and tomato. Also, their plates were on point:

F80237A8-EFBA-4913-93F0-2EAD2C54B07C.jpegThe “Monster” burrito on left, the “Fiesta” on the right (can you see the little orange peels from the citrus sauce on that one??)


43EF8908-D446-4855-BCA1-86078C6D902E.jpegThe Monster burrito was our favorite here! It was massive, and the smoked flavor on the pork was fantastic. The creamy chipotle sauce topped it off.

Also we regretfully didn’t get a photo of our son’s kids’ chicken quesadilla, but it was actually one of the better kids’ menu items we’d ever tasted!

This zany, fast-casual burrito place was very kid friendly and our server, Patrick, was so genuinely kind.

Robbirritos is great for a quick bite of something unique when in Melbourne Beach!


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