A new Viera grocery store is giving us all the heart eyes

Recently we got the opportunity to tour a brand-new grocery store in Viera: Earth Fare.

It’s like a Whole Foods or Fresh Market but less snooty, more accessible. Their tag line is “Healthy Food for Everyone.” And everything in the store is 100% clean, free of artificial anything.

Simply walking around the store was a pleasant experience; there’s a juice bar, a fresh nut-butter making station, interesting selections of granolas, candy, cheeses, snacks, even natural beauty products. It’s clean, bright & airy and honestly we could lose track of time just perusing the aisles of unique grocery finds.

Their meat+seafood section was impressive – very high commitment to only the freshest of the fresh. We loved their easy grab and go meat case. Makes dinners sooo easy.

They have a large deli selection too, and the samples we tried from it were fantastic.

The crowning moment for us was of course the bakery. The selection was large: from creme brûlée to macaroons, you could say it got us just a little bit excited…

And no, these treats didn’t “taste healthy”. They tasted fresh+homemade+delicious. Real ingredients, nothing artificial in even the coloring!! So cool.

We highly recommend checking this place out! If you’re lucky enough to live in the neighborhood, one visit and you’ll be a regular. Be sure to let us know what gems you find here when you go by tagging us on Instagram!

Thanks to Earth Fare for sponsoring this blog post and for showing us around their beautiful new store! All experiences and opinions shared in this post are 100% genuinely our own.

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