Our Gender Reveal with Crush XI

How The Idea for a “Restaurant Gender Reveal” was born

With our first two kids, we found out their genders at the doctor’s office during the routine 20-week ultrasound. As elated as we were to find out what we’d be having (a boy, then a girl), the setting wasn’t exactly conducive to much celebrating. One of you is laying on a table hooked up to an ultrasound, and there’s a sonographer right there with you to share in the moment as well.

So we knew we wanted to do something fun and different for this baby. And since our lives revolve around creating great local food content for our community, we knew we had to involve a local restaurant somehow.

So after some googling, “Gender Reveal at Restaurant”, not much came up. We knew we wanted to do something a little different from the popular at-home “cut the cake” reveals, but weren’t sure what it would look like to involve a restaurant. Gender reveals aren’t exactly a “service” that restaurants offer, so it was up to us to think outside the box.

When deciding who we wanted to host our reveal, our first choice was Crush XI in downtown Melbourne. They’re the best example of a restaurant near us doing something hip and modern, all while staying casual and super friendly. The atmosphere there just feels like a place you’d want to host a party and spend time with those you love. And obviously, their menu is high quality and creative, which is always a requirement for us.

So we were thrilled when we reached out to them and they were as excited as we were to tackle the project. We left the creative specifics in their hands (because the folks at Crush are visionaries!) We didn’t peek at the gender results after our ultrasound, and gave them to a friend to pass along to the restaurant. We also got super lucky to come in contact with a very talented, local videographer Tomas Calvino who was excited to capture the big moment for us.

The Day Of the Reveal

Since the day we found out we were expecting, we both claimed we “knew” it was a boy. So I was honestly a little worried I wouldn’t even feel surprised when I saw the reveal! Driving to the restaurant, we were both a crazy mixture of nervous and excited. We are both a little uncomfortable being filmed but didn’t want that to hinder our enjoying the experience.

Upon arriving to the restaurant, we still didn’t know when or how Crush XI had planned to execute the reveal, so the whole meal we were in a state of suspense, which made it all the more fun! They treated us like royalty with beautiful craft mocktails, and literally the best chicken sandwich we’d ever had (think all the goodness of a classic Chick-fil-a sandwich but on steroids!). There was pasta, sweet potato fries with pork belly, and an artichoke croquette. We seriously got so lost in enjoying the delicious meal that we almost forgot what was coming!

Finally our waiter brought out two mysterious, small wooden hammers and left them on the table without an explanation. Then the chef himself walked out and presented us this beautiful chocolate sphere surrounded with cake crumbles and edible flowers, and a chocolate butterfly on top.

Then it was go time – we both hammered the chocolate ball open to reveal PINK cream frosting inside with a gorgeous pink butterfly! Obviously, both of us SO shocked to see pink after thinking boy the whole time, and just in a state of pure exhilaration after all the build-up.

The chef was so excited to watch it all go down, and he told us after the reveal that this experience was his favorite of his entire career. Que the TEARS! That was such a rewarding thing to hear.

Why this experience should be on every expectant couple’s bucket list

We LOVED being a part of this fun experience and taking the time to enjoy the happy news as a couple. We chose to keep the reveal just between us, but the restaurant setting would have been perfect for inviting a bigger group to share in the news as well.

Having Crush XI take care of all the planning and vision was seamless. We were truly able to just sit back, enjoy the experience, and be surprised. The feelings of suspense and excitement were SO much bigger than finding out in a sterile doctor’s office. And doing it at a restaurant we love made the occasion feel that much more special.

Of course, having the experience professionally videoed was the icing on the cake! It’s something our family will have forever and is so fun to share with others when spreading the news! We can’t wait to show it to our little girl one day.

Massive thank you to Crush XI for hosting our reveal (And for the darling onesie!) and being willing to think outside the box for us. Also big thanks to Tomas Calvino for capturing our special moment beautifully.

  1. Rachel | YummyNoises.com

    February 18th, 2019 at 8:47 pm

    I love this! We hosted my husband’s company holiday party at Crush XI this past year and they were a dream to work with. Love their food and the whole event experience!

    Congratulations to your family!

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