Top 5 “Hidden Gem” Restaurants on the Space Coast

It’s true – the food scene on the Space Coast takes a little digging to find the good stuff. Luckily, we’re up for the challenge and have spent the last 16 months aggressively eating our way through Brevard – and we’re just getting started. Along the way, we’ve found some amazing eats in some unexpected places. In no particular order, here’s our TOP 5 hidden gems on the Space Coast:

1. Chekmarc’s – Palm Bay

To be honest, we’d driven past this place dozens of times and always assumed it was an office building – it’s located in a very no-frills, dated brick building with little indication that there’d be anything special going on inside. But someone had recommended their French Toast, and since it’s super close to Tyler’s work, we gave it a shot. And oh, are we glad we did! Their deep fried French toast should be FAMOUS around here. It’s unlike anything we’ve tried before; very crispy on the outside and perfectly soft inside, and only $4.99 per plate. Never would have guessed that this dated diner would be so on point!

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2. Mangia & Bevi – Cocoa Beach

Hidden among the tourist trappings of Cocoa Beach lies an ordinary strip mall with an easy-to-miss pizza joint. But if you’re lucky enough to stumble upon this spot, you’ll be shocked to find possibly the most authentic Napoli-style pizzas on the Space Coast. Luigi himself came from Italy less than a year ago to start this business, and the fresh, authentic ingredients make for a premium, completely from-scratch pizza experience.

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3. Over the Top Sammie’s – Palm Bay

Located in a tiny, no-frills strip mall, Over the Top Sammie’s is easy to miss when driving by. But this isn’t just another ma n’ pop sandwich shop. These sandwiches (or “manwhiches” as we like to call them) are piled HIGH with fresh meats and big flavors. The owner here actually owns a spice+hot sauce business as well, so his seasonings on these babies are totally unique and powerful! Breakfast is served here as well – and their bagel breakfast sandwiches are just as impressive.

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4. Ice Cream Hut – Rockledge

It’s easy to judge this place as just another ice-cream stand; it’s a tiny shack in a suburban area with nothing fancy to draw you in. BUT what we found here will always be a fun memory for us ; we got an “Xtreme Milkshake” that not only came piled high with Smores ingredients, but with a real, lit SPARKLER too, which we were totally not expecting! Their menu has tons of different cold treats, and next on our list to try is the Krispy Kreme Donut Sundae.

5. Mulberry Lane Cafe – Melbourne

One of our very favorite breakfast spots! Located off busy US1 in a strip mall, we’ve almost always driven right past it. Their sign simply says “Breakfast Cafe”, and you don’t know that it’s “Mulberry Lane” until you’re right up at their door. Inside it’s a pretty standard diner feel, but once the food shows up you know you’re somewhere special. We’re talking next-level Eggs Benedict, cinnamon rolls, freshly grilled muffins, giant pancakes… everything is prepared very thoughtfully. Follow these guys on Instagram to see their amazing weekend specials…they always make us drool!

So there you have it! Have a hidden gem you’ve found that you think deserves to be on this list? Connect with us on Instagram @spacecoastfoodies, we want to hear from you!

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