Top 5 BREAKFAST SPOTS on the Space Coast

After months and months of field research, we’re breaking down our Top 5 Breakfast Spots on the Space Coast. From savory foods like eggs Benedict and bacon to the sweet indulgences of pancakes and cinnamon rolls, we’ll show you where to find the best! In no particular order, here’s our picks:

1. Backwater (downtown Melbourne)

If you’re local, you know this popular spot had to be on the list! Backwater had us at the DIY pancakes with their personal table griddles. Their ever-changing seasonal batters are always the best… lemon, funfetti, and pumpkin are just some that we’ve tried. Their heartier dishes like the pulled pork eggs Benedict and citrus waffle are amazing, too. It’s easy to love this charming farm-to-table, Florida-themed restaurant!

2. Mulberry Lane Cafe (Melbourne)

What seems like an unassuming diner at first glance is actually a treasure trove of thoughtful, high-quality breakfast items. Everything we’ve tried here has been money: the cinnamon rolls, muffins, pancakes…but the star of the show are their specialty eggs Benedict plates. They do weekend specials that are always creative and drool-worthy!

3. Oh Biscuit (Melbourne)

Located in a humble but charming trailer, Oh Biscuit really does deliver on their biscuit sandwiches and other pastries (that cinnamon roll tho!). It’s an irresistible down-home, ma-and-pop style that we can’t help but love.

4. Merritt Island Pancake House

Best selection of amazing, creative pancakes on the Space Coast, hands down! Fluffy, rich pancakes made in all kinds of combinations. Our favorite was the cinnamon roll pancake. Their menu includes savory items as well!

5. Palm Shores Bistro (Palm Shores)

Though it’s not an exclusively breakfast/brunch spot, we can’t deny the power of the impressive breakfast menu here. The Captain Crunch French Toast is divine, as well as the “Smokehouse” eggs & pulled pork plate.

There you have it! We don’t tolerate disappointing breakfasts, and neither should you. Try out these places and thank us later over on our Instagram, @spacecoastfoodies.

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