Top 3 BAKERIES on the Space Coast

Truth be told, we had a hard time finding amazing bakeries when we first moved to the Space Coast a few years ago. But after committing to being field experts in local eats for the last (almost) two years, we’ve uncovered some great ones! These spots are lesser-known but truly deliver on quality. Basically we would’ve killed for someone to give us this list when we first moved here; you’re welcome ☺️

Nin Nin’s Farmhouse Bakery – Melbourne

This spot is everything you could want in a quaint little rustic-themed bake shop. A large variety of cookies, cakes, rolls, donuts, etc. that vary every single day! Also some unexpected, fun items like the candies waffles on a stick.

Cake Krush – Satellite Beach

This spot in Satellite Beach is more niched down to cupcakes ; but dang good flavors and oh-so Instagram-worthy.

They do custom cakes too! Here’s my daughters smash cake from last year :

Something Sweet Cake Studio – Port St. John

– This one is NEXT LEVEL amazing. Yes, they won cupcake wars a few years back. Yes, the cupcakes are all they are hyped up to be. Freaking blissful. But can we take a moment of silence for this cinnamon roll?

We grabbed this baby to-go and planned on saving it for later. When we got in our car I pulled it out just to *have a bite*. I commanded Tyler to try it and we proceeded to shamelessly DEVOUR it all right there in the car. To this day it is easily the best cinnamon roll we’ve ever had, and definitely merits a trip up to port St John if you haven’t had it. Be sure to check on their Facebook what’s in stock that day; they tend to sell out fast!

There you have it! We fully stand by these 3 sweet spots next time you’re in need of some baked goods. Think we missed a spot? Connect with us on Instagram and let us know!

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