cerrato's italian deli in west melbourne, florida

Best Quick-Bite Restaurants in West Melbourne

Our Top 5 “Hidden Gem” Recommendations on Hwy 192

The busy thoroughfare of highway 192 in West Melbourne.

Big-box retailers dot the area. Traffic usually bustling.

But in the shadows of the big-name businesses lie several mom n’ pop restaurants you’ve probably driven by hundreds of times without a second glance.

We’re here to share with you five of the best quick-bite restaurants in West Melbourne, Florida. And they’re all on the same street within 3 miles of each other.

This list might stretch you out of your comfort zone. None of these are fancy or hip.  It’s a deep-dive into the best local eats, across several different cuisine types:

Cerrato’s Italian Market & Deli

cerrato's italian deli in west melbourne, florida
Ridiculously loaded-up subs with thick slices of fresh mozzarella that’ll make you wanna cry – in a good way. Bread baked fresh in-house. Includes a small market with unique grocery items imported from Italy.

Brazil 4 You

brazil 4 you restaurant in west melbourne, florida
Authentic Brazilian cuisine you didn’t know you were missing out on. Don’t skip the Piccahna sandwich (a unique cut of steak) and fresh bread. There’s rumors their Coxinha (fried dough with shredded chicken filling) is money, too.

Jimmy’s GR Food Truck

jimmy's greek food truck in melbourne, florida
Pay no mind to the less-than family friendly location. You came for the original Gyro, and nothing else matters once you take that first bite. Loaded up with big globs of Feta cheese and authentically prepared cuts of lamb, this is a taste experience you won’t soon forget.

192 Bagel Shop

192 bagel shop restaurant in west melbourne, florida
It’s a beautiful thing when something as simple as a bagel can get dressed up in unique sauces and hearty toppings and transform into a feast.  Sweet and savory options appropriate for breakfast AND lunch.

El Fogon Venezuelan Grill

el fogon venezuelan grill in west melbourne florida
Authentic food truck where the fast-paced Spanish is flowing, but don’t worry, they’re kind and patient if you can’t quite keep up. Just order a few Arepas and Empanadas and you’ll be good!

Didn’t think you could experience a unique foodie adventure in an everyday, suburban city like West Melbourne, right?

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