Where To Find The Best Fall Foods in Melbourne


It’s no secret that Florida struggles in the autumn department. We’re lucky if we’re not sweating while Trick-orTreating, so it can be challenging to get into the crisp-air-pumpkin-spice mood.

So we went on a witch hunt for some of the best fall foods to be found in the Melbourne area. We may not have colorful leaves, but these dishes really help bring the fall vibes we crave so much. In no particular order, here’s a list of some of our favorites:

Mulberry Lane Cafe

Their Apple Cider Donuts made all our autumn dreams come true! If you’ve ever been to the Northeast around this time of year, you know it’s a seasonal delicacy. So getting a taste of it down in Florida was a real treat. Also, Mulberry is known for their killer Eggs Benedict. Listen to the description on this fall-inspired one: crispy fried butternut squash latke and house ground turkey sausage topped with poached egg + hollandaise. YUM.

Here’s the Scoop

Cold treats are a must well past October here in Florida, so it’s only fitting we’d get our fall fix in the form of Pumpkin Spice ice cream from Here’s the Scoop. Homemade, of course!

Cryderman’s BBQ

Ice cream not your thing? Try the Pumpkin Spice Crack Puddin’ from Cryderman’s. We promise it does not disappoint. Those crispy toffee crackers and cold, whipped pudding (tastes like straight cream) should be a fall staple everywhere.

28 North Gastropub

Alright, so we probably shouldn’t spend our whole fall filling up on donuts and pumpkin ice cream. Here’s a savory fall dish from the foodie hotspot 28 North you would’t expect: It’s called the “Lion’s Mane Mushroom” and it’s a perfectly seasoned, juicy piece of steak mushroom , surrounded by tri-colored carrots , peas, leeks, and microgeens. It’s comfort food in its healthiest form and Vegan + Gluten Free!

Ember & Oak

Hot off the press; the fall/winter menu is still being finalized here but we got a sneak peek recently! Warm, nutty flavors on dishes like the lamb shank over polenta (think really creamy grits), and the “Patatas Bravas” – a cheesy, potato-based dish with lamb chorizo seasoned with almond romesco cream, dates, and topped with a runny egg.

Sound a little extra? It is, in the best way possible. Come here to be pampered and stuffed with all the fancy foodie creations.

Cedar’s Cafe

The chef at Cedar’s is masterful at using seasonal, local ingredients to create unique flavors at her cozy Lebanese cafe. There’s pumpkin everything here right now – and none of it is made with the canned puree stuff. Our personal favorite was the fig and goat cheese flatbread. But it was all delicious. From left to right, then bottom: Pumpkin Kibbeh , fig+goat cheese flatbread, pumpkin+goat cheese flatbread, and pumpkin soup. In Chef Toni’s words: “Bland food is my nightmare”. And it shows.

So where will you check out first for your fall fix ? Let us know your favorite seasonal finds on Instagram @spacecoastfoodies.

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