The Unexpected Superstar at the Brevard Zoo

And no, it’s not an animal.

Not to give our area any shade, but it’s a little surprising how good the Brevard Zoo actually is. Between the ziplining, kayaking, giraffe feeding, walk-in kangaroo habitat, and the kids’ wading pool — it’s an elevated zoo experience not found in other cities that boast major metro populations.

But the element we truly weren’t expecting at the zoo was our find at their concession stand, Nourish 321.

Behold, the Crispy Chicken Sandwich:

With tobasco-mayo, red cabbage, pickles, and drizzled in that 321 sauce (which you have to ask for on the side!), it’s literally the best concession stand chicken sandwich we’ve ever had. Bold statement, but true.

We’re pass holders now. so you just may see us devouring these things while herding our crazy kids around the kangaroo habitat every weekend.

Have you tried any other must-have’s at Nourish 321? Let us know on Instagram- @spacecoastfoodies.

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