3 Best Takeout Spots of 2020 on the Space Coast


It’s no secret that 2020, among many other things, was the year of takeout food. And while we’ve had enough of those white styrofoam boxes to last us a lifetime, we’ve come to appreciate the elements of what makes a takeout meal great. Because sadly, many dishes that taste great when plated at a restaurant, just aren’t the same when put in a box and carried home.

Here are our top 3 picks for local spots that have mastered the art of takeout!

1. Joan’s Perfect Pie

Not what you expected, huh? While Joan is known for her sweet dessert pies (that chocolate peanut butter one is life changing), we can’t get enough of her chicken pot pie! It comes frozen, so it stays super fresh until you’re ready to pop it in the oven. You will start salivating as it bakes because it fills your whole house with its warm aroma. She offers chicken or beef pot pies. Such an easy and fresh alternative to other frozen dinners! If you haven’t checked out her charming little corner of EGAD, add this to your list!

2. Jao Thai

…And Chez Quans, and Thai Thai II….insert your closest Thai restaurant in here and it’s sure to be a bomb takeout meal. You can’t go wrong ordering a curry bowl because the warm, creamy curry is packaged separately from the rice, so it nothing gets soggy in transport. Those complex flavors have time to simmer a little before you get home to pour it over the rice and…magic.

3. Doghouse Pizza

Can’t speak for the burgers’ takeout performance, but the pizza and sandwich takeout here get an A++. Wrapped tight in foil so the heat stays in, and there’s no sloshing around during transport. Just peel back the foil and ready to be blown away. This place takes the all-American concepts of burgers, subs, wings, and pizzas and completely uplevels them with amazing flavor combos.

May 2021 bring more plated restaurant food into our lives, but we made the most of those 2020 takeout days!

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